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Step Up and Step Out

To say we are stepping out in faith is akin to saying the Grand Canyon is a little ravine! We have long desired to travel as empty nesters (well, mostly) but had no idea God would challenge us to start Mile by Mile Ministries. Over the years we have been fortunate to actively participate in or lead dozens of ministries in many great churches; military careers have a habit of creating deep and wide experience. Now, God is asking us to use the experiences he has afforded us to minister to others. We are answering with a resounding YES!

Todd retired from the US Navy a bit over 11 years ago and has faithfully volunteered in our church and community since. His focus has been supporting the Pastors we've had the privilege of serving under. Kerrie has been a registered nurse just shy of 22 years where she has been privileged to work in hospital, hospice, physician practice, long term care, and FQHC settings. While she knows God is not finished using that skill set, it is clear her time in direct clinical practice is drawing to a close. Leaving a career that has generously paid the bills takes some big time faith! This is not to say we are spiritual paragons, but to say God has been faithful to meet our needs in some very challenging times. We are confident he will do the same as we step out in obedience to him.

We anticipate God will call us to start routine travel just after the first of the year. Please pray with us as we seek his face to guide each mile. Consider subscribing to our newsletter and following the journey he takes us on. Your prayer support and encouragement will be key elements of Mile by Mile Ministries' success. Blessings to you all... and thank you!

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