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Mile by Mile  

Mobile Ministries

From the beginning, God made it clear  Mile by Mile was not to wait on deputation to get to the field. For now, Mile by Mile is funded by existing personal income, love offerings and individual gifts. Having churches add Mile by Mile for support will be a blessing. Until then, we trust the Lord to meet our needs.

Ways to Help

Mile by Mile is now on Venmo!

Prayer! Prayer! Prayer!

One of the most powerful ways to support Mile by Mile Ministries is prayer.  Whether times are good or bad; whether times are easy or hard; whether times are bountiful or slim; at all times, prayer is the answer. God is good all the time, and there are few things more powerful than prayers of His people moving the hand of God.  If you do take the time to pray, let us know from time to time; it can be a huge encouragement. 

Donations to              

Ministries are tax deductible. 

Mile by Mile  

Bible Give-Away

$125 for 90 Bibles

Through partnership with another independent, fundamental evangelist, we are  get KJV New Testaments for $1 each. Shipping to get those Bibles to Mile by Mile is about $35 bringing the grand total to $125; a small price to pay for the promise of heaven. 

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RV Onsite Day

~$100 per RV travel day

Mile by Mile is blessed to have an RV to use for travel and housing onsite. While the RV provides greater comfort and is less expensive than hotel based travel, there are still expenses such as insurance, RV payment, maintenance, RV Campsite fees, registration, and tags. The more days Mile by Mile is onsite, the lower the cost per travel day becomes. 

RV Campsite
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Sponsor an Item

Various Amounts

As the ministry grows needs arise. Consider sponsoring a particular item like those below.

RV Cover for Winter Storage  $600

Outdoor tent for Bible Give Away events


Insulated water hose allowing RV use in colder months


Generator Oil Changes

Needed 150-200 generator hours

$50 each

RV oil changes/tire rotation every 6k miles $220 each

Car Repair and Maintenance
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Any amount

Fuel costs are ever fluctuating, and we never want fuel costs to limit our ability to help a Pastor or Church who are requesting ministry support.  Driving an RV with a towed vehicle elicits approximately 8 miles to the gallon for a cost of over $100 per fill. 

Fuel Management
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