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Gift of Safety

Ever notice how God gives us what we need at the exact time we need it? In October, Mile by Mile received two financial gifts which came at just the right time; one from a church, and one from a very special couple.

A motorhome is great for living, but not so great as a daily driver. Certainly that seems obvious as does our habit of towing a car to meet the daily driver need when we travel. What may not be as apparent are the towing and maintenance requirements that come with it. Cars like ours require a tow dolly for transport; trying to be wise stewards, we purchased a used tow dolly from a rental company for one-third the cost of new. At the end of our first travel season, we found our dolly in need of new bearings, new tires, and new fenders, not to mention fees to winterize the RV. Together, these items were unachievable on our budget, but the Lord, knew and provided the needed funds and even went above and beyond to let us benefit from the amazing know how of Pastor Jim McKinnies who managed a military motorcade and all of its maintenance before becoming a Pastor. Talk about learning from an expert! Under his watchful eye, we were able to complete the work ourselves and know that it was done correctly.

We are traveling in safety thanks to the brothers and sisters in Christ selflessly sharing their funds, time, and talents. May the Lord bless you for your generosity! We are truly grateful.

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