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Todd's worn Bible sitting on his lap. His leg is crossed and road salt is visible on his pant leg.

Mile by Mile

Read our testimonies and learn how Mile by Mile came to be. 

To me, this is one of the most beautiful pictures because it shows the heart of my husband and his love for the Lord.  His pants are covered in salt from going out in the snow and ice to share the Gospel.  His Bible is worn, tattered, and torn from diligent use.  I'm so grateful for his testimony and the way he leads our family. 

                                                                                              ~ Kerrie

Todd Barney

Todd's Testimony

I was born in Michigan to a loving, yet broken home. In 1982 while attending a backyard vacation bible school I was presented with a chance to get saved. I did not initially respond, but raised my hand when I noticed friends doing so; I did not want to be left out. 

                In October 1990 I joined the United States Navy as a Cryptologist and met my wife, Kerrie, in 1992. I told her on our first phone call that I knew we’d be married someday (that’s right, after only 10 minutes I knew) and we married one year later. We have three adult sons, Avery, Andrew, and Adam. Avery is married and is the Pastor of Abilene Baptist Church in  Abilene, Texas.. He serves alongside our beautiful daughter in law, Harmony, and they have blessed us with four (almost 5)  wonderful grandkids. Andrew is a bus captain, youth leader, and song leader at our church. He works in the banking industry and is taking Bible college courses Our youngest, Adam, lives a few towns away and is preparing to enter the police academy in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  He compassionate about the needs of others and has years of service to the bus ministry and sound booth under his belt.

                Despite raising my hand as a child, I had always questioned my salvation not knowing if I really got saved then. This question haunted me for many years and resurfaced in 2000 when we were stationed in the little town of Oswego, NY. While sitting alone in the secretary’s office and holding the titles of Sunday school superintendent and Youth Leader, I bowed my head settling it once and for all.  That day, I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, never to have that question again.

                Kerrie and I have been blessed to be members, and serve, in 7 different churches because of the Navy. We have never believed in “pew sitting” and have always been active. I have personally served in ministries such as Youth Leader, Sunday School Superintendent, bus director, outreach director just to name a few.

                Currently we attend Broadway Baptist Church. We have attended there on two separate occasions. The first time was under the leadership of Pastor Don Letson (2004-2008) and then returned in 2010 (after retirement) where we currently serve under the leadership of Pastor Brian Jackson.

                In 2021 I felt the calling to go into evangelism and help churches wherever there was a need. So, at the age of 51, my wife and I surrendered to go into ministry.  We sold our house, rented a small apartment, and purchased an RV to hit the road and serve Christ wherever he leads us.

A picture of Todd and Kerrie together in front of a corrugated metal hay barn wall.

Kerrie Barney

Kerrie's Testimony

Many are fortunate to be saved at a young age; that is not my story.  I was born and baptized in the Lutheran Church as an infant. I recall going with my mom and sister but can’t remember my dad going with us.  In these early years, I went to VBS, partook in communion, and talked to my mom about wanting Jesus in my heart. Admittedly, I understood it more like a clip art Jesus affixed to my physical heart rather than saving grace. 

          When I was ten, my parents divorced, my mom became a single parent, and we returned to Albuquerque, NM to move in with my grandparents. This meant 3 different schools for fifth grade making it that much harder to find “my tribe.”  Because there was no Lutheran Church near, we attended an Episcopal church during my middle school years, and a non-denominational charismatic church when I reached high school. During summer visits to my dad and stepmom, we attended a Southern Baptist church where I was supposed to wear skirts though I didn’t know why.  As you might guess, I was confused about the shift in my earthly parents' roles but was even more perplexed about the role of my spiritual Father.  It seemed all had a different opinion of how to worship, when to worship, who to worship, and why.  How could I know the truth?

          In high school, I was not a “bad kid”. I did well academically, I held a job, and had career aspirations. If asked if I’d go to heaven, I’d probably have said yes.  At the same time, I was not comfortable in my skin, and sought to push people away by being different, choosing a punk style, and almost daring people not to accept me though I secretly wished they would.  My heart for others and desire to make a difference in the world was strong; my fear and self-doubt were stronger.

          After graduation, I visited my best friend who had married her Desert Storm pen pal and moved to Virginia. While there, she introduced me to Todd who become my husband just over a year later (ask us about that story and we will share it!) At first, we attended the southern Baptist church my dad attended but later chose the independent Baptist church believing the doctrines most closely match the Bible. Todd challenged me and I valued challenge recognizing good things require good effort. Serving by his side, my external testimony looked good…my internal testimony left much to be desired. I still did not know how to have a relationship with my heavenly Father.

          In June 2012, at a tent meeting, Brother Sammy Allen was preaching. As he continued, he said, “There is a woman here who has been under preaching a long time.” He said she was a woman others would think was saved, but knew in her heart she was not.  He said it was time for her to get it right.  I nudged Todd to tell him I needed to go up. He looked at me incredulously and said, “You?!” We’d been married 20 years. He knew me better than all but one; the one who saved me. Stepping away from the altar that night, Pastor Bart Spencer said, “Sister, you are stepping into some deep water.” Little did I know the deep water of that night would swell into the privilege of serving him full time. This water is deep… good thing my lifeguard knows how to walk on water!

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